Label to watch: We love Gray Label

Lilian am 08.07.2016

Schon seit einiger Zeit sind wir Fans von Gray Label. Schlicht und qualitativ hochwertig, cool für Kinder, aber Styles, die ich auch in groß sofort tragen würde. Wir konnten kurz mit Mum & Designerin Emily Gray sprechen.

Jeder sollte mindestens ein Teil von Gray Label im Schrank haben finden wir, denn die Teile sind perfekt! Zum kombinieren, alleine tragen und sie funktionieren für Boys & Girls. Gerade mit einem Sohn merke ich, wie rar coole Klamotten sind. „Für kleine Minimalisten“.

We personally love your pieces, they are simple and comfortable and perfect. Why did you start Gray Label?

Because I couldn’t find the clothes for my son I liked. Lots of colors and prints with low quality. I like simple quality designs, also for myself 🙂

What is the idea behind the brand?

To start a unisex brand, comfortable to wear, because of its style/fit and feel, with no prints or bright colors that can be worn by brothers and sisters…

What are your favorite items out of the collection?

My son lives in the Baggypants and L/S Pocket Tee and my daughter loves the Dress. They have both in all colors.

Are there any plans for the future? Own stores f.e.?

We have our own store in Amsterdam, which we have just finished. There are a lot of new things coming :-)..

Do you have children?

Yes 3, Beer (7), Filippa (5) and Mia (1yrs) and 2 bonus kids of 19 and 22.

Three pieces every kid should have?

Crew neck sweater, good pair of jeans and sneakers with velcro tape!

What are your favorite places in Amsterdam? (For kids and of course also Mums)

To eat: The Chicken shop Van’t Spit (kids LOVE chicken, fries and apple compote ) and Memo, its a scientific museum for kids, they LOVE it!

What are your travel plans for the summer?

Going to New York to check the playtime Fair and India for a new project. Rest will be relaxing with the kids and visit family in France and Belgium.

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