Labels to watch: APPI ist besonders schön

Lilian am 11.03.2016

Schon vor einiger Zeit haben wir Appi für uns entdeckt und deshalb wird es Zeit, euch das Label endlich hier vorzustellen. Dafür haben wir mit Kim, Gründerin und kreativem Kopf hinter Appi gesprochen...

Kurz zu den Eckdaten: Kim, Gründering von Appi Studio hat einen Sohn 5 Jahre alt und erwartet im Mai Sohn Nummer zwei.

Is making products for kids something you always wanted to do?

No. I studied at the school of the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in Paris, France. After graduating I worked for a fashion company before I got married. Since having a baby I fell in love with kid designs. So I decided to make some for my own kid. That is when I started APPIstudio.

What does APPI studio stand for?

APPIstudio is a small private company owned and run by myself. The name came from my son who named his own blanket Appi, it was one of his first words. APPIstudio is about hand-made, original, thoughtful designs made for babies and kids with the highest quality materials so that any child can have a special blanket and a friend.

What is your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from everywhere, from the places children play, stay, eat, and sleep.

Do have a favorite product?

The elephant 3D blanket is my favorite.
I got this idea while returning from a family road trip. I bought some yarn on the way home and when I got back I had my very first elephant blanket in my hand. I was so happy!

Could you tell us 3-5 other brands for children you like buying?

Minirodini, luckyboysunday, Gapkids, olliella, hugolovestiki

As well as 3-5 stores​​


What should every kiddo have?

Love and safety.

„Love and safety. "

Where can we buy APPI studio?

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