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Lilian am 03.12.2015

Unsere Xmas Serie geht weiter. Dieses Mal verrät uns Camilla von LuckyBoySunday - wir lieben die leicht verschrobenen, handgefertgten Dolls und Accessoires aus Baby Alpaca - was ihre Lieben sich wünschen.

Camilla Kørschen ist Mitgründerin (ihre Partnerin heißt ebenfalls Camilla) der kultigen Labels LuckyBoySunday. Sie erzählt uns ein bisschen was über sich, LuckyBoySunday und natürlich über XMAS und zeigt uns ihren persönlichen Wunschzettel. Vielen Dank!


Wer bist du?

Camilla, 38 Jahre, Freund und Stiefsohn

“ We sat down on a bench by the lakes in Copenhagen, shaking each other hands promising to design the best brand we could think off ” Did you accomplish your desire?

It’s a good start, and every day I wake up and think to myself „what can we do better and how“.

Your items are being made in Bolivia. They are crafted with great effort and love to detail. Why Bolivia and do the people there understand your designs?

I once did an internship in a knitting factory in Bolivia -and that’s how the network of knitters was established. The knitters think our dolls are funny. They thinks it’s fun to do something very different from a sweater or poncho. They take great pride in the job. Funny enough none of them wear the soft and delicious baby alpaca. They settle for acrylics. And it’s not a question of money -but it’s a cultural thing.

What are your personal favorite items?

I adore Nulle -he’s an inspiration from my late rabbit, which was grey and called Nulle. I also love the Mause Rug – I have it in my bathroom and it’s the best place to be when you brush your teeth.

Mause Teppich von LuckyBoySunday

Fancy nulle von LuckyBoySunday

Little nulle von LuckyBoySunday

Wir lieben Polly

Danish are often admired for their great taste in interior / design do you agree?

Thanks! I have discovered the interior of a lot of other countries being a frequent user of AirBnB, and I must agree that the Scandinavians have a sense of colour and decoration that only we have. But that’s so amazing -we have almost the same possibilities in life and still our eyes see different.

Why did you start more or less in the Kids business?

It’s fun and I love designing toys.

How did you find the name?

We have a myth in Denmark saying that if you are born on a Sunday you are a lucky person.

Do have certain Xmas rituals or special things you do during Xmas time?

I ignore the xmas stress. I actually do that all of December. And then I enjoy spending time with my family and boyfriend and cook, play, sing and dance together.

Kids Jumper von MAIKOmini

Cipria Sofa von EDRA

Gefäß – Bonbon Drop from, ca. 30 €

Hausschuhe von Monki , ca. 20 €

Blue Beauty Drops von, ca. 65 €

Hasenpuppe Ricearrot über (haben auch super schöne andere Accessoires), ca. 24 €

Starwars Wecker von LEGO über Weltbild, ca. 35 €

Biographie von Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Über amazon, ca. 10 €

„every day I wake up and think to myself "what can we do better and how""

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