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Lilian am 28.04.2016

Wer coole Klamotten für Kids sucht, findet sie bei Nununu. Wer dahinter steckt? Iris und Tali und sie erzählen uns, wie es zur Gründung kam und was hinten den schlichten und modernen Styles steckt.

Nununu wird von ziemlich vielen, coolen Kids getragen und wir wissen warum: Die Brand ist besonders, ohne zu kindlich oder verspielt zu sein. Die Teile sind bequem, qualitativ hochwertig und unisex (weitestgehend) vieles möchte man gerne für sich selbst in groß haben (wir verraten euch, das geht jetzt sogar!!!)…Iris und Tali haben selbst Kinder und haben uns erzählt, was das Besondere hinter Nununu ist.

What does Nununu stand for?

We believe that kids are individuals, that parenthood is the coolest thing,
and that there should be clothing options that reflect that. We make clothes that exist outside of the old notion of adorable. Like every kid we’ve ever met, our clothes are unique in their own way.

How did you start with Nununu?

We wanted the same things for our children that we wanted for ourselves: quality, comfort and style. But once we began shopping for them, we couldn’t find anything we really loved. We didn’t understand why kids, small and vulnerable, weren’t introduced to the wonderful mystery of minimalism. In a sea of fairies, cartoon animals and rainbow colors, muted hues and minimalist designs were almost taboo. But that only made it more exciting to create a clothing line that would become the antithesis of clichéd baby wear and over-stimulating kid stuff. We believed babies and children were beautiful and creative. They didn’t need a whole lot of decoration. They just wanted to be comfortable. And we wanted to make clothing that would let them shine at every stage, from newborn to teen. We wanted to make clothes that adults would envy and want for themselves. We began with the basics. Black, grey, white, maybe a touch of color here and there.
We designed practical shapes that wore well and looked great. We took graphic inspiration from geometric designs, architecture and industrial design. Our fabrics had a worn and weathered feel you’d normally associate with someone who had done a lot more living. Each piece was special, with a handmade feel. We created counterpoint by dressing kids in clothes that were thought of as adult-like. We had a sense of humor about it, but we stayed serious about quality and detail. And we embedded our signature scent deep in the garments (It comes out after a few washes. Once you smell it, you are hooked!).

„We wanted the same things for our children that we wanted for ourselves: quality, comfort and style."

Do you have kids and how old are they?

Iris: Omer (11,5) & Romi (8,5)
Tali: Max (8) & Uma (5)

What are your favorite pieces? Key items (SS 2016)

The ½ & ½ baggy pants, we love the bigger variety of shorts, the new onesie skirt, the biker overalls which we are so happy to tell you that we now made a special adult version of! (Mehr dazu bald bei uns)

What does every kiddo need to have?

An awesome pair of sneakers, favorite good and old T-shirt and a really good
imaginary friend

What are your plans for the future with Nununu?

Our concepts caught on quickly, so we created an entire culture around them,
nurturing our company like an infant. We let it grow and change us. It is
still growing, and we are still changing.

„We let it grow and change us. It is still growing, and we are still changing."

Out of curiosity and as we are planning our summer vacation: What is your
favorite holiday destination?

Turkey, Greece, Thailand, Iceland, New York

Schaut mal auf unserem Instagram Account vorbei, denn da verlosen wir ein cooles Teil von Nununu.


Thanks Iris & Tali & Studio ToutPetit


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